Mistake Songtext - Demi Lovato

Mistake - Demi Lovato

Now that I'm thinking sober
Don't you try to get no closer
I'm just gonna get my car and drive, and drive
Looking in the rear view mirror
Everything is so much clearer
Watch me wave it all goodbye, goodbye

The lights flashing giving me all the danger signs
Someone to save, to save but it don't work that way

Think you made your greatest mistake
I'm not gonna call this a break
Think you really blew it this time
Think you could walk on such a thin line
Won't be taking your midnight calls
Ignore the rocks you throw at my wall
I see it written on your face
You know you made it, your greatest mistake

When the last straw is broken
When the last door is closing
I ain't that dumb to stick around, stick around
I ain't got the time for looking back
When you let yourself slip through the cracks
And you just keep going down, down, down

I must stay undercover, lay low, need some time
No one to save, to save these sick cycles over me


Why you looking at me, spitting the same old line
Trying bring back ain't no flipping my mind
Don't you get it by now the story's over, over
Still calling my name outside my house
I'm hitting the switch, watch the lights go out
Watch the lights go out

I hope you ache, ache, ache, ah-oh-oh
I hope you ache, ache, ache, ah-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah


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