Remember December Songtext - Demi Lovato

Remember December - Demi Lovato

I feel a separation coming on.
Cause I know that you want to be moving on.

And I wish that it would snow tonight
You pull me in, avoid a fight.
Cause I feel,
A separation coming on.

Just prove that there is nothing left to try.
Cause the truth.
I'd rather we'd just both deny

You kiss me with those open eyes.
It says so much.
It's no surprise, to you,
But I've got something left to say.

Don't surrender, surrender, surrender,
Please remember, remember December.
We were so in love back then.
Are you listening
To what they say?
Don't go that way.
Remember, remember, December.
Please remember.

Don't surrender.

You said, you wouldn't let them change your mind.
Cause when we're together fire melts the ice.
Our hearts are both on overdrive,
Come with me let's run tonight.
Don't let,
These memories be left behind.


I remember, us together,
With the promise, of forever.
We can do this,
Fight the pressure.
Please remember December.

Don't surrender.


Don't surrender.

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