Swallow The Snake Songtext - Desultory

Swallow The Snake - Desultory

Scream to me, make me see why you are
Crumbling. Build a grave one brick each day,
The beast is rumbling. Is it way too tempting
To rape that crying child?Is it so addictive to
Tell another lie?

Suck the space in million ways, the fools
Collision. The super rush, eternal buzz, the
Freaks affection now I'm counting snowflakes
And the cattle herd makes my head start
Spinning and my senses burn

Can you ever be forgiven for giving apathy
A prize. Can I ever turn my other cheek when
You kill before my eyes

I'm just a floating zombie. Don't want to live
Your life. I need to touch some substance
Not just sugar for my mind. Now I'm counting
Snowflakes and the cattle herd makes my
Head start spinning and my senses burn

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