Blackbird - Moguai Remix Songtext - Dido

Blackbird - Moguai Remix - Dido

He put the c-
He put the c-
He put the c-
He put the c-
He put the c-

[Verse 1:]
He put the coffee in the cup and with milk he filled it up
He added sugar and I never knew he liked it like that
He took his coat from the hook and his scarf and his hat
And he put down the key and said I won't be needing that
And he turned and smiled as if that explained it all
And he walked down the hall and he opened the door and said
"Of course I'll call"

Heart, why do I bring you love
When you all you give me back is pain?
Heart, why do we search it out
To watch you wash your hands and walk away?

[Verse 2:]
Now, there's a black black black bird in my chest
All a flutter and all caged in
Wanting to break free with the wolves in my head
Who tear at every wise thing I should have said


We're not the strangers we were when we first met
But the kind of strangers at the end
And all that remains is a day without plans
Where I won't be missed, another handful of sand


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