Blue Boredom (with Sky Ferreira) Songtext - Diiv

Blue Boredom (with Sky Ferreira) - Diiv

There's a crack
Reflective grass
Stone face
Mute glance
High black
In the back of
A normal joke
Easier to choke
Smile glue
Bad stick, bad fit with you
A blanket curse
A made up bed that waits
In heaven
You have my face
My neck, my waist
And a fucking saint
In a rocking chair
That stays in place
Thief for a chance
Kiss for a catch
Blue flower
Blue boredom!
Did you know I colored in the clues
For you, for you
They make a game
That spells your name
Fresh fear at the centerfold
Colored mess to backwards steps
Always taste
Like another face
Always smell
Like a kind of hell
Waterproof person to be
To be, to be
Blood like soap
When water washes it thin
Washes it away to stay

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