January - Kaytranada Edition Songtext - Disclosure

January - Kaytranada Edition - Disclosure

[Verse 1]
Tell me just what I should be expecting
‘Cause here I am on my own free will
Fortune favors the brave
So they say
I might as well fix up and play your game
Make the memory the reason
Remembering the time when you and I fell behind
But found a way to justify

We cannot replay
The aesthetic or feel
We had our brighter day
Was it synthetic or real?

[Chorus x2]
I'll protect the memory
If baby you can’t recall it
You can’t recall that
22nd January
If baby you can’t recall it
I won’t forget that

[Verse 2]
Was it just as real as you expected?
Does looking back give you a chill?
Show me something you prefer today, yeah
Or maybe you've grown up and I'm the same
That amnesia gave you freedom
Or maybe you’re the kind who tells a lie just to lie
And never have to say goodbye


Putting faith in your relief
I'll suspend your disbelief

[Chorus x3]

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