I'm Alive Songtext - Disturbed

I'm Alive - Disturbed

[Verse 1]
Never again, will I be dishonored
And never again, will I be reminded
Of living within the world of the jaded
They kill inspiration, it’s my obligation
To never again, allow this to happen
Where do I begin, the choices are endless
Denying the sin
My art, my redemption
I carry the torch of my fathers before me

The thing I treasure most in life
Cannot be taken away
There will never be a reason why
I will surrender to your advice
To change myself, I’d rather die
Though they will not understand
I won’t make the greatest sacrifice
You can’t predict where the outcome lies
You’ll never take me alive
I’m alive

[Verse 2]
Change again, cannot be considered
I rage again, dispelling my anger
Where do I begin, the choices are endless
My art, my redemption
My only salvation
I carry the gift, that I have been blessed with
My soul is adrift, in oceans of madness
Repairing the rift, that you have created
I am not alone, brothers give me your arms now


[Verse 3]
I’m no slave, are you feeling brave
Or have you gone out of your mind
No more games, it won’t feel the same
If I hold my anger inside
There’s no meaning, my soul is bleeding
I’ve had enough of your kind
One suggestion, use your discretion
Before you label me blind


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