Hold Ya Mouf (Feat. God’s Gift) Songtext - Dizzee Rascal

Hold Ya Mouf (Feat. God’s Gift) - Dizzee Rascal

[Intro: Dizzee Rascal]
Get me
We got a lot to talk bout
Raskit, God's Gift
Oi yo
What you do will come back to you
What you do will come back to you
What you do will come back to you
What you do will come back to you
What you do will come back to you
What you do will come back
Hold your mouth (hold your mouth)

[Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal]
Raskit don't give a shit (I mean)
Ain't concerned, ain't worried, don't mind
But you should watch your lip (I mean)
If you keep chatting in a hurry you'll find
The bottom of a 6 foot pit (I mean)
Don't care what creed, colour or kind
Bullets'll make you sit (I mean)
Make you relax, lay-down, unwind

Raskit don't give a damn (I mean)
Ain't that bothered not much, don't care
Catch me if you can (I mean)
It's possible you will get hit with a chair
Talk like you're the man (I mean)
If you want beef you'll get a fair share
Dizzee got a masterplan (I mean)
I'm a problem for Anthony Blair

Raskit don't have a bar (I mean)
Don't have it from him, her or dem
I'll make a rudeboy say 'rarr' (I mean)
With or without the use of a skeng
Remove you from your car (I mean)
Got a temper, it's big like Ben
And I don't care who you are (I mean)
Move to your boys, I'll move to your men

Raskit don't waste time (I mean)
Don't hesitate, don't pet, don't ramp
.22, .38, .9 (i mean)
These digits'll leave you stiff like cramp
You wanna test? That's fine (I mean)
You couldn't take Dizzee Rascal for a tramp
If you cross my line (I mean)
I'll leave you colourful, dazed and damp

[Hook: Dizzee Rascal]
I don't want beef today
Its not arms today
Let's keep it calm today
Let's be friends

I don't wanna write today
Let's not fight today
I feel alright today
Let's be friends

[Hook: God's gift] [x2]
You got a problem blud
Let's solve it blud
Gats and bora's blud
Hold your mouth [x2]

[Verse 2: Dizzee Rascal]
Yo, it don't make no sense to me
Why fellas don't wanna act sensibly
You better re-check your identity
You better re-check how you speak

You don't make no sense to me
If I switch I won't act sensibly
I'll make you care intensively
You'll be in a coma for a week

And I really can't come to grips
With how these fellas act just like chicks
But now I retaliate with clips
And now I retaliate with force

You should come to grips
With how you really should watch your lips
You better know we're some lunatics
And that we retaliate, of course

[Verse 3: God's gift]
You don't wanna feel the heat from my (click click)
I roll deep wi' my (click click)
I'm always on the street wi' my (click click)
I eat wi' my (click click)
I sleep wi' my (click click)
And I can put you 6 foot deep wi' my (click click)
Chat shit you get beat wi' my (click click)
Roll straight sound be the street wi' my (click click)
Try if im never on my feet wi' my (click click)
I'm only on my feet when I bus' heat (gunshots)

And you just ran outta luck wi' my (click click)
Say your gonna get fucked up wi' my (click click)
Gunshots leave bodies bruk wi 'my (click click)
And I can make the whole place duck wi' my (click click)
If you don't wanna get stuck wi' my (click click)
Boom, when I get out the truck wi' my (click click)
Cause you'll get jacked and gun-butt wi' my (click click)
And I'll leave your whole jaw bruk wi' my (click click click click)

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