I Got That Feelin' Songtext - DJ Quik

I Got That Feelin' - DJ Quik

[DJ Quik]
Ayo, Teddy I think that nigga AMG is scared of pussy, homie

Yo, you must be bullshitting right?
Hell naw man, look, check this out.
There was this fine ass bitch standing
Out in front of my house the other day on his jock,
And that nigga was scared to come at her, man.
Yo man, that don't even sound like AMG, man quit bullshitting.
Man, that nigga be perpin' like he a pimp and shit, you know what I'm saying
But if she would've stepped to me, it would have been a little different.
Man, how you figure it would've been different.
Nigga would've came at real you know what I'm sayin?
Naw man, only nigga that come real is me.
But tell me (yeah right) how would you come?
If the bitch would've stepped to me
I would have came at her something like this

[DJ Quik]
Yo, how would you like to spend sometime with DJ Quik, girl?
I know I'm better than good cause I rock your world
So come with me and you will see just what I'm all about
And I go straight to the moves so let me bust it out
I want to grind and moan while I hold your hand
And girl we're both mature enough so we can dirty dance
Cause can't you see that I'm a player and I got to have it
Just like a rabbit, so see'mon baby let me grab it
I won't mislead you, just let me feed you
A nine-inch diggidy diggidy dickie all up in you
But you know-you know I do it right my name ain't Sydnie
Get on your hands and knees and let me stab yo kidney
From the back
All over the intestinal track
Some call it butts but I call it the butt
And now you see that I'm a true, and girl you're so appealing
I want to fuck you to the ceiling cause I got that feeling
Now that's how I come at her you know what I'm saying?

Man, I see you got a little mack daddy you know?
A little mack? Nigga I got game, these bitches be on it
Yo man, but you ain't prove nothing to me yet
Yeah right, I'll prove it to you in the second verse though, now peep this
Love me [Repeat: x4]

[DJ Quik]
Yo, I'm DJ Quik a player and a hustler too
So many girlies on my jock that I don't know what to do
I buy my jimmies by the cases and not by the packs
Because I knock so many boots I have to keep ?em in stacks
Now the fellas they get jealous, the ladies they get hot
Because they now that I'm player giving you all that I got
And in the sheets I'm a super lover that's what I said
I maybe Quik on the tables but I'm forever in bed
Because I grind it, and get behind it
And when my tape stops I get up and rewind it
I like to fuck it, I never suck it
And if you're dumb I get you sprung just like a cluck
Bitch, hey, DJ Quik is in effect for the 9-0 season
Skeasing is the reason, cause I'm so damn pleasing
Quik is the name and if you think that I'm appealing
Then go for what you know, baby, because I got that feeling

Yo man I see what your saying man
Oh yeah, pimpin's just that simple
I know man, you should pump that nigga AMG
I know man, that nigga need some courage you know what I'm saying cause we
Handle it, and we outta here
Love me [Repeat: x4]

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