Skanless Songtext - DJ Quik

Skanless - DJ Quik

Pow, pussy ain't nuttin' but a hole
And most bitches ain't nothing but hoes
So what I'm gonna do right here
Is kick it to the man left rear
Run that shit

And a one and a two and a three
And you got the nigga AMG
And a four and a five and a six
On my left hand side is DJ Quik
We got 2nd and None in the house
We got my man Hi-see in the house
And all the niggas who disapprove you tryin' to bust a move
You can get a dick in ya mouth

Yo, you can't fuck wit a nigga, I'm holdin' my piece
I'm bailin' down to Kren's with my Khakis creased
A lick on my neck and a bitch on my dick-so
I put a beeper card on the bitch front window
I'm that nigga who can service well
Then bloody up the sheets at a raunchy motel
Yeah I'm a treat ya, 'cause I'm a feed ya
Take you to McDonalds then I leave ya

Live, via satellite on Rolls [Incomprehensible]
We got my boy DJ Quik in the house
And he's gonna take you on a mission
And show you how the real jackers jack

Yeah and now I'm takin' off my belt so I can sag
I keep the 44 Mag in a duffel bag
And in the G-ride I'm rollin' in the rain
And don't let me catch you slippin' on the turning lane
I creep up to your quarter panel and I pause
We 'bout to fold up to your nose and make you shit your drawers
Now I don't want your money or your hoes
No, all I want is your muthafuckin' Renzo's

Now, let's take a ride down to Kren's
I'm rollin' with a muthafucka with do do in his pants
And a nigga like you can get me work
Because I know you got them birdies that don't chirp
Aww, too bad you didn't make it to your 9
So forget about your fento 'cause it's mine
And to you niggas that be trippin' watch your trunk and don't be slippin'
'Cus the Quik will take your hoofty every time, muthafucka

Once again it's the muthafuckin' D
You wanna be my bitch, well you gotta pay a fee
You wanna get quoted, get your ass in the circle
We'll whoop your ass nigga till your eye turn purple

Ayo Crawf my name is the Crawf
The see-are-A-W-F-O-are-D, the poet Hi-see
I got your fat pregnant bitch in my water bed
And I'm about to bust a nut on your little baby's head
The shit you be talking, I label it 'caca'
Move your fat ass and pass the vodka
Pour half a cup, fill it up with socko
Bitches tryin' trip, you might get socked ho
"I love you though" that's what I'm screamin'
Just to get some pussy I'll be fiendin'
Boyfriend always talking 'bout doggystyle
Wait a while, I can do it froggystyle

Stop that darn cussing, my children are listening
Eat a dick, ya bitch

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