Be You - feat. Too $hort & J Banks Songtext - E-40

Be You - feat. Too $hort & J Banks - E-40

[Verse 1: E-40]
They was wrong when they said ain't nothing new under the sun
Cause everything under the sun has not been done
What they shouldn't miss? Don't miss yo call
The biggest chance you can take is not taking the chance at all
Like who you wanna like, love who you wanna love
Kiss who you wanna kiss, hug who you wanna hug
?, white, black
Fat, tall, small
Opposite the tracks, whatever it's on ya'll
I came in the game, with a hope and a wish
With no bait on my hook, tryna catch a fish
Tryna have meals, four course
Got hella ideals, but no resources
Don't let them knock your motivation, keep tryin'
Your probably just ahead of yo time
Like me, they told me I'd never progress and
Be-become what I am today, them niggas dead wrong

[Hook: J Banks] x2
You gotta be original
Just be you
Just be you
Take a chance and show the world you
Just be you

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
We Gonna Hop In The Ride And Let The Rims Roll
Gotta Hundred Pair Of Nikes No Timbos
And No I Never Had No Afro
But I Still Keep Everything Natural
So Many People Wanna Look Alike
And Act The Same, But What's The Price
When You Got No Game, They Won't Let You Play
Your Too Stingy, You Shouldn't Act That Way
Cause Your Goin Have To Pay, If You Don't Speak Your Mind
You Been A Follower A Long Time
Stop Lying And Just Be Yourself
Ain't Nothin Wrong With That
You Got Racks, You Must Be On Some Crack
Cause The Last Time I Checked You Was Struggling
Had A Whole Lotta Bad Luck Drug Dealing
Now Get Back On Track Like You Need To
Stop Following The Crew And Be You, Nigga!

[Hook: J Banks]

[Verse 3: E-40]
Do What They Don't
When It Come To Follow Trends, You Won't
You Got Your Own Mind And Your Own Ideas
Refuse To Be Like Everybody Else, (For Realz)
So Original, (Like Who?), Like Me
Creative And Unique, People Love The Way I Speak
They Hatin On The Son Of The Man Up Above
Anything Different They Afraid Of

[Verse 4: Too $hort]
We Comin' Through Hard Again
We Got Chains And Pieces, New Car And Rims
It's E-40, Short Dogg And Them
Alota Hustlers, Gangstas, All The Pimps
It Sounds Good When You Turn It Up Loud
Do It Your Way And Rock Your Style
Your Hair Your Clothes Even Your Smile
They Goin Love You Cause Your So Original

[Hook: J Banks]

[Speaking: E-40]
Stop Being Somebody Else When You Can Be You Mane
Be You
You Mane
Be You
When You Can Be You Mane, Be You
Stop Being Somebody Else When You Can Be You Mane
Be You
You Mane
Be You
When You Can Be You Mane

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