Hittin' A Lick - feat. C-Bo & T-Nutty Songtext - E-40

Hittin' A Lick - feat. C-Bo & T-Nutty - E-40

Ok [x8]

Sliding through the slums with a match (with a match)
Looking for anybody stuntin dressed in black (dressed in black)
Go straight through them apartments in the back (in the back)
Came for a jack hittin a lick [x2]

[Verse 1:]
The jury starting off right it’s 21 to it and I ain't eat right
Something gotta give cause if it, if it don’t i’m a pull a lid think i would
See that boasty nigga there he clown over there stuntin
Betta tone it down lookin like shark bait ridin roun town
Hundred thousand with the jury ridin with the motherfuckin top down
Everything black, black hoodie, black car, black e up
15s couple traps like a good talk
Mug mean got him under my radar scheme
Investigator dancin like the cats for the dollas
He betta have the master like pitbull no stoppas
Alarms and the cameras with a couple rottweilers
Cause i’m layin down everything even grandmas
He woke up in the cold sweat finger on the tap
Cause he heard a noise dogg walkin in the back
Hella paranoid cause he the nigga with the sack got tree for sale
But he ain't ridin with that crap
Hundreds in the kitchen? Under the couch
Any amunition all through the kitchen
His family christian they from the south
Had a premonition figured it out
One or couple weeks ago caught me in the act when I was try’na tip toe
Snuck up on me from the back put the topic to my temple
Cause i didn’t get the memo brought the noise like a simple
Put the barrell to my dental
When i was sneakin through the window
With my underground extender in the middle of the night
On the morning of the mental and i brought out the light and door frame wriggled
Put the law in his own hands pop me like a pimple


[Verse 2:]
Look gun dollas young nigga all gunpowder
Slidin through the slums lay a bum down for 1 dolla
Ready for the jack move niggas out to get the fatties or the achoo
On the creep in the chevy with the mac oo banged out with a face full a tatoos
Like cashews watch niggas go nutty on a mission for the money
Come out with a bloody wudy if you thinkin it was cute
Situation got to get ugly like fat bitches in the bathroom
Sack niggas on the map bout to get the scraps creepin like some racoons
Black hoodie with the black mask, sorry about the bad news
Got your chick tookin this sip lookin throw the bar cause your click lookin like lunch meat
While niggas out here starving eat em up, hit em up, lit em up
Hit em up with the guards
Get in that ass like enema, denema, cinema wiff a the gas
Nigga where the stash at put it all in the bag pack
Ain't talkin bout half that’s what the little homie told the other nigga
When he pulled a bullet point at his body with the mac
Winning his money back from the dice game
Cause the nigga just got cracked
Time to hit a lick my nigga this is a jack that’s what’s up


[Verse 3:]
See I go hard or go home cause that’s my motto nigga
And I got great kool aid it's undiverted my bottle nigga
And they got me on one now they rollin on this solo
Bunch of hollow points in this paper bag fore they all black pulled off four 4s
I’m up in this i‘m loco shoot a nigga ass up out this lo lo
Pull up slow with the halo get the hood out and then i let that hair blow
I’m a beast enemy of the state hop out the whip with the beam on the cake
Hundred roun brum barrells in the face anybody move motherfucka i’m a spray
C bone got them known for them desert eagles shoot a nigga right up through the peep holes
They peepin thou for them kilos keep serving nigga for months let him come up
And when he do i send the little homies out to run up straight jacket
All for one one for all and my only reason now for this game is that i came to ball
So get your guns nigga cause we on the run to get this money by the tongue nigga
Hey no mo sides we enemy fuck where you from nigga


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