Intro Songtext - E-40

Intro - E-40

How you go
Looky here it is as I say it is
Your northern cali formula
West coast start stoppin, two type a lippin
Spittin, talking tycoon partner
E motherfucker 40 o z understand me
Get listenin, beginning shit an intermission for the trucks stop
Bitch rockin yes indeed, cross walk stopping
Bumping cars causing nosebleeds
Also designed for getting em shaking shaking them one time popo penelopes
Young street soldiers from development housing
Try’na get niggerish by taking full advantage of this squalla making
D game we call rap
Understanding my system is to have heart, have money, have street and to have hussle
Oh this shit is going down right now as I speak
So if you ain't got your hurricane ether you betta go fetch it asap
And here go the recipe 151 bacardi gold, bacardi light, triple sec
Grenadine, pineapple juice and an empty container of
Arrowhead water like photo ops
Put it all in one you got some good shit
For get ya booties and ya frock ladies me and the zap boys ready
Caz we about to take it to the next
We about to take it to the next

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