My Life - feat. R.O.D. Songtext - E-40

My Life - feat. R.O.D. - E-40

[Verse 1]
Still thirsty determined and motivated if you hustle like me then we probably
Related real niggas ain't never outdated, peanuts to a elephant look at my ballin ass mate
Im still relevant
I remind me of me one of one snapping like a snapping turtle busting like a time gain
Letting my nest hang over my shoulder fearless with the wicked is full in the planet recyclus
Oh us niggas can't stand it. bitches how do they manage to stay in demand for this. long he been on since
I was born and now I'm grown E-40 go back like Fila jackets and brick phones
Beepers and dookie ropes and fleetwood brons (0:44) Depo equipment east martin hilltop mon
You talk it I lived it you can ask my partner Poe. Quit the d game and went independent boy a hip pioneer

For every dollar I make breeds jealousy yea (but Im just living my life Oh girl)
I'm just trying to live my life my life ou
But I could never understand why they hating on me girl i'm just living my life oh girl
I can't live my life my life my life

[Verse 2]
You know i ain't gon shit you cuz you my real best ter
Thats what my realtor said to me when we were smoking on some herb I said give it me straight
Don't give me to me late I hope you're on some real cuz I dont wanna hear no fake he said cuz (what's happening?)
These niggas ain't cool ( why you say that? ) I think we got a leak in our pool
They talking behind your back and blaming you for they faults murder mouthing the boss
I mean as much as I don't care for fools this how they gon do me dude
Niggas don't wanna see niggas win niggas wanna see niggas lose they threw the old rules out the window
And created their whole new set of rules . its been ugly ever since they took praying up out the school
But I refuse to be phony man this is true real niggas forgive these fake niggas for they know
Not what they do. sucka shooters at a all time high spread like the flu if you hang around suckas
Sucka shit gonna rub off on you thats real


[Verse 3]
Loan me a coupla
O dollars let me hold some I know you got em my nigga you got three albums comin
I got kids just like you why you don't understand ?
I dont owe you nothing nigga you a grown man whose try to test me cuz I rap think
I got too much to lose but I green light a sack ti humanis dos
I'm just a genuine guy that don't bother nobody I just look like this
But I outbody somebody beat em up outta the way fore they try to get up out the way
Is ugly out here in the back the clouds is dark gray
If the bitch who bites want to bite you again gotta have tough skin
Beware of the hand that hides the snake could be your best friend Ooo


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