Red & Blue Lights Songtext - E-40

Red & Blue Lights - E-40

The red and blue lights [x2]
They out here I can see em family
The red and blue lights [x2]
I ain't try’na go back my nigga
The red and blue lights [x2]
I’m talkin about the popo man
The red and blue lights [x2] Ugh
It’s a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How I got away from the under (got away from the under) [x2]

[Verse 1:]
This ain't Millton Bradley ain't nobody play’n no games
We double back that’s a natural amount of change
Local or long range yea pin it
Some of rap so we can pimp
I wrote this song but I ain't got to pay attention
Don’t make me get flexin on a bitch neck
Are you subliminally banging when you screaming red and blue
Do you bang I don’t but my music do
Yea I know a few few few soop
I also got a few ooh oooh
Me and my crew we some dude dudes
Just like a mechanic we got tools


[Verse 2:]
They’ll fly your cranium to the Ukraine and the Bay
Them copper color slugs and get away
It’s like the National Geography the animal kingdom in my county
They’ll force one in your skull and open up your chest cavity
I ain't got time to be drag my feet and beat my meat I’m tryna eat
These trifflin ass scammers in these days and times
These nigga hella weak minded pitchin a bitch cryin
Waiting for opportunities to fall in their lap instead a tryin
E40 music be makin a motherfucker lose it
Pull his pistol out protect yourself and use it
The popo be even listening to his raps when they get off work slap bitch


[Verse 3:]
I don’t go lookin for trouble but trouble be findin me tho
Tryna buba like sparks in the wider pebble green tho
How come blacks can’t live together and get along like filipino
Only time we get along is when we going throu chemo
I’m in the hood like a low court tree check it
Know what I can not what I could respect it
I’m the man and everybody know it’s right
If you treat the homies right they’ll treat you right
I ain't shallow I’m deeper water I sleep you seven days you weak
Neva get on the stand a speak when you in the hot seat
Neva play forgives always play for keeps get out
When you get mad at if you get frogish and leap bitch


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