Same Since '88 (Too $hort & B-Legit) Songtext - E-40

Same Since '88 (Too $hort & B-Legit) - E-40

Same nigga... Same nigga… (x2)
My nigga I done came from nothing (from nothing nigga)
But now a nigga got everything (everything nigga)
That's why you see me every time I'm stuntin (I'm stuntin nigga)
Still the same nigga I'mma never change (I'll never change)
I been the same since '88 (I'll never change)
Same nigga since '88 (I'll never change)
I been the same since '88 (I'll never change)
Same nigga since '88 (I'll never change)

Only thing changed about me is my change, and that can flunctuate from time to time
Especially when you investing in yourself, you can hit & miss when you flippin a coin & rollin da dice
Gambling witcha life instead of working for da white--- man!
Can't be out there stuntin clumsy, be a businessman, use other people money
I'm a street nigga that just so happen to rap hella good
When I was flea-flickin, I'll lower the price and give you a joog
I'm good in my hood, they love me, respect me outside of rappin
I'm a good dude, I ain't funny actin
I got a purple heart in ballin, I'm a general
I got a black belt in hustling, not taekwondo
I see my little homie in the traffic with his convertible off
What you smoking my n***a? "Strawberry cough"
He used to sell soft, but now its software
He official, a boss, dreads in his hair


[Too $hort]
In '88 I was ridin with my top down, on the bay bridge getting my dick sucked nigga
No doubt Short Dog would get her
Ain't nothing change still bet not let her come around me
It's too much game, what I'd do to her uh make you insane
I take her somewhere while I do my thang, she'll never be the same mayne, never be the same
And I'm still getting money, still makin hits
Still ridin clean, still sayin "bitch"
Where the haters at? Say something
Never like me since day one
You can listen to the oldies if you want to (if you want to)
I spit game that's all I do
I bet yo favorite rapper ain't around no mo
Like Too Short & E Four-Oh.. bitch


Chef in the kitchen checkin on a chicken (on a chicken)
Bless with the whip and playin my position (yeah)
38 a brick on a hundred flip (flippin)
Cash out and buy the whole click motherships
On some other shit baby she a hustle chick (hustle chick)
Fly in quick, keep a nigga in supply shit (fly ho)
Ride whips with the kit and the wing on (wing on)
R&B bitch probably 'posed to sing songs
I'm a boy on the block, hands dirty
Get mines off top like I'm in a hurry (fast)
All net make it pop... Steph Curry (yeah)
Put forges on the foreign, then I paint it berry
I been the same since '88 ('88)
Bounce skate to old white Short tape (short tape)
Used to get them by the lake... duct tape
Turn a 4 into a 8 kept a nigga straight


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