Sidewalk Memorial Songtext - E-40

Sidewalk Memorial - E-40

You know times is hard right now man
Everytime i look around somebody on the ground
Somebody done got plowed down
Somebody done got cut away man
Somebody done got
Man they doin em dirty now man
You understand me look man ugh

Everytime i look around this editorial
Look at the reason another sidewalk memorial
Another sidewalk memorial [x2]
Everytime i look around candle light visual
Look at the reason another sidewalk memorial
This the sidewalk memorial
This is the sidewalk memorial

[Verse 1:]
The high’s and lows the ups and downs of life
Funeral homes and grave sites
Bloody white sheets in the middle of the streets
Shot the wrong person now the killa can’t sleep
Gave it to him with the drum right in front of his son
Shot him in the head neck, face and lounges
You neva really know when ya time is up
That’s why i stay prayed up
When i see a bum i put money in his cup
Even tho the bum probably richer than my butt
That’s good karma, generous and nice
Little things like that can change ya life
Neva lose hope man keep the faith
Good things comes to those who wait
Let it all out man shed a tear
Spark one out man pour out some beer


[Verse 2:]
It’s a new era like that please believe
People doing things that you wouldn’t believe
They try to blame it on rap they say that we mislead
The reason why the kids do pills and weed
Overdose they pass out and die
Then they parents cry and ask questions why
How come i couldn’t see it comin i am such a loser
I never go in they room or check they computer
Trickin they parents like forrest bueler
Cuttin school skippin class and they tutor
Fuck college man i’m rapping
I ain't playin sports man i’m trappin
Street knowledge bitch i’m mackin
Deep pockets hoe i’m stackin
And as the world turns to days of our lives the bold and the beautiful
The young and the restless droppin like flies


[Verse 3:]
All money ain't good money
It’s cold out here even when it’s sunny
This atmosphere niggas hella hungry
To be outta here if you stunting clumsy
Can’t freeze up just like a deer
Hood cot ot smell fear
Durin hunting season everyday a the year
Always know when cowards near
Gotta be aware especially out here
Where they switch the gears and back door they peers
Talk behind ya back wait till the coast is clear
Just like a little bachelor they’ll get in ya ear
Ain't nobody stickin to the script you know
Cause dudes act like they ain't dudes no more
That’s why i pack an extra clip no pull tho (no pull tho)
Cause every other day i’m at a funeral (funeral)


Now i lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul he keep
And if i die before i wake
I pray to the lord my soul he take (soul he take x2) [x3]
Now i lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul he keep
And if i die before i wake
I pray to the lord my soul he take (soul he take x2) [x2]
I pray to the lord my soul he take


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