AM // Radio Songtext - Earl Sweatshirt

AM // Radio - Earl Sweatshirt

Nineteen, still gettin' kicked out the crib
Ripped off my bib, spit out my food, hiccup and piss
Urine burnin', I could smell the liquor in this
Cats always tryna' pick up the fist
"Duff this dude out"
Rappers stoop just to get to your crib
Now it's like who's face? who's warped? too sauced
Distort thoughts, on my corpse on the asphalt
Back when I'd slack more, rock my slacks or my ass
Everytime, I rap I blast-off
Back when I catch Cor', I always had Sports
Dippin' on cops in my track shorts
So tell my mom I had to make it right
I lie every night about the lime-light so I could lie at night
And tell my Pops' I gotta' take advice
Keep my head screwed on tight, abuse these mics
See me, I’m the contusion type
A cat to smack the mic against my fuckin' head when I'm losing hype
Ratking, never losing hype, no
It's Ratking and I do it right, no
Ratking, yeah, I do it nice, woah

Bitch, I skated before I rapped, if you take me before your captain
Bet twenty hots on your Daddy
That someone gon' nola clap ‘em probably cold and passive
'Cause Pops' was the one that got to me
Feeling down like he passed it and when I'm cornered, it's action
I was kinda' out the game, I'ma put the quarter right back in the slot
In 09', we took the 7 to the Dussy 17 to the block
Bitch, if yo' nigga had Supreme, we was the reason he copped it
And nowadays, I'm on the hunt for mirrors to box with
And some pretty bitches that ain't trip if it's a hit and run
I got the gold 'cause I don't do the crying bro
She Mario, I'm tryna' keep the whining to a minimum
Piggies come, bet I'm splittin' quicker than I finish rum
Find me some Indica, nuggets on my fingers and my shirt like they was chicken crumbs
The room spinnin', finna' yak if I don't hit the blunt
Got the chin wagon, slim chances of me getting up
After this, mind in the trash next to where my fuckin' passion went
Dodge fanatics, half-a-Xanax when I'm traveling six hours or more
Brick out on the tour, got kicked out of the morgue
Spit cattle manure shit, shit, rally the Horsemen
Tally the corpses

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