DNA Songtext - Earl Sweatshirt

DNA - Earl Sweatshirt

[Verse 1: Earl]
Intercepting a fifth of whisky

And necking it 'til I'm dizzy

I never was defenseless
I never hugged the fence

I pick a side and trust in it
Stomach full of drugs and shit

My niggas on some other

Cleanse Sunday, binge Monday

Then another six days

Back to Sunday when it's done again (shit)
And the pants better be creased on my corpse

If you need that, run until the street lights off
Back got bigger, got the team strapped on

And you thought it was magic

But that's just the difference

Nigga my team is magicians

We think of the shit that we want then we get it
Look I got hoes in my britches
Big Up Dill & Britches
Full part coming soon

Thought you knew this my nigga
It's crackin like french tips
Just checkin and balancing

And checks and salaries

Testing my friendships

Cause niggas get sour of this

Rap shit got the best of me

I threw the rest off the balcony

Shoutout Da$h and Retchy
I know yo bitch check for me

So much for chivalry

So long to every bitch tryna get intimate

I'm in my 20s now
Feet aimed at the jaws of the running mouth
Disdain for the law since a fucking child
Spotlights on me I ain't stopping in my tracks

We taking it all and we running out
Threw shade in the past but you want me now ho

Put your face in your palm when I come around ya
Tell momma get a gun if I get too popular

I'm just being honest with it

Tell her stop whining, it ain't no mo problems
I'm the best out of all these niggas

Watch your tone when you speaking
Ain't no home for the weekend
No rest for your ass if I know that you're sleeping
I'm here and I'm there

And I'm up and I'm down

And I'm low and I'm peakin

It's cold in the deep end

[Hook] x2
Bitch nigga, we the train

If you see 'em wave

Ain't no bitch in my DNA

[Verse 2: Na'kel]
Hundred blunts, niggas chains, that's my day to day

Niggas tryna ride my train like they fucking strays
My bro left today, fuck
Hot sauce in my cup of noodles, you taught me that
I ain't seen us in years

And this news right here almost made me have a heart attack

Your momma heart intact

We just spoke, I couldn't stomach that
I'm going to London on the first, I'm bringing you something back

A house on the hill with a big ass grill

Where we could have a boxing match
Japan, Australia, I know you be proud of that
I got a couple bitches now, I ain't gotta lie about that
I know you in a better place, I can't even cry about that

When I look into the clouds, I know you look down on me

Right next to grandmammy

And the rest of the ones who wanna see me happy

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