Runaway Songtext - Ed Sheeran

Runaway - Ed Sheeran

[Verse 1]
I've known it for a long time
Daddy wakes up to a drink at nine
Disappearing all night
I don’t wanna know where he's been lying
I know what I wanna do
Wanna runaway, runaway with you
Gonna grab clothes, six in the morning, go

How long you leaving?
Well, Dad just don’t expect me back this evening
Oh it could take a bit of time to heal this
It’s been a long day, thumb on side of the roadway, but

I love him from my skin to my bones
But I don’t wanna live in his home
There’s nothing to say cause he knows
I’ll just runaway and be on my own

[Verse 2]
I’ve never seen my dad cry
Cold as stone in the kitchen light
I'll tell you it's about time
But I was raised to keep quiet
This is what I’m gonna do
Gonna runaway, gonna make that move
Gonna grab clothes and when it’s morning, go



[Verse 3]
Backpack and a flat cap turned to the back
As I packed my clothes up
My dad wasn’t down with that plan to attack, intends to show love
I don’t wanna live this way
Gonna take my things and go
If things change in a matter of days
I could be persuaded to hold on
Mama was the same
None of us are saints I guess that God knows that
I don’t wanna runaway
And one of these days I might just show that
Put my home in a suitcase
Tie both shoe laces, and hope that
Things change, but for now I'll leave town with a backpack on my shoulder


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