So Songtext - Ed Sheeran

So - Ed Sheeran

[Verse 1]
Filled up with doubt
I have to move home
But I want to stay with you
For all of the summer
I have my plan
That you won't remember
If you want to see the world
Then please ask your mother

[Bridge 1]
I cannot hold your hand to watch you go
I am a liar, as you might know

I need you now
I need your touch and your lips
I need that smile and your kiss

[Hook x2]
You're so cool
You're so beautiful
You're so
And you're so

[Verse 2]
I see your grace
From my window
When it is late at night
It'll show me your shadow
I'm in my place
I hope you remember
When summer is gone, I'll still sing a song
Of you in September

[Bridge 1]


[Hook x2]

[Bridge 2 x2]
These words I say mean
You’re so amazing
I've noticed lately
I need you, maybe


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