The City - Live At The Bedford Songtext - Ed Sheeran

The City - Live At The Bedford - Ed Sheeran

[Verse 1]
This city never sleeps
I hear the people walk by when it’s late
Sirens bleed through my windowsill
I can’t close my eyes
Don’t control what I’m into
This tower is alive
The lights that blind keep me awake
With my hood up and lace untied
Sleep fills my mind
Can’t control what I’m into

London calls me a stranger, a traveller
This is now my home, my home
I’m burning on the back street
Stuck here sitting in the backseat
I'm blazing on the street
What I do isn't up to you
And if the city never sleeps then that makes two

[Verse 2]
The pavement is my friend
It will take me where I need to go
I find it trips me up
And puts me down
This is not what I’m used to
The shop across the road
Fulfills my needs and gives me company
When I need it
Voices speak through my walls
I don’t think I’m gonna make it
Past tomorrow


And my lungs hurt, and my ears bled
With the sound of the city life echoed in my head
Do I need this to keep me alive?
The traffic stops and starts but I need to move along


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