She's Not You - Remastered Songtext - Elvis Presley

She's Not You - Remastered - Elvis Presley

[Lil A]

Yung King D, man I fucks with the G

A real gangster what's I be, all this ice is what I see

All this nice is what eat, all these pussies man I beat

Man that's word on the streets, and I fucks with the beat aye

[Yung King D]

Shout out to Lil A, homie we don't play

Fuck what you say I got the juice, Minute Maid

Damn I need a maid, damn we getting laid

Damn we getting paid, faggots get this straight

[Lil A]

Look I got twelve rings on man I look like a koala

Spanish bitches fuck with me, hakuna matata ah

Get this money I gotta, diced pineapple colada

I dress like Dalai Lama, I'm on point so fuck a comma bitch

[Yung King D]

Yeah fuck a comma, bitch I said fuck a comma

If my room ain't presidential I don't fucks with Obama

Go to sleep in my pajamas, wake up in my pajamas

When I go to sleep again man I'm still wearing pajamas

[Lil A]

I tell em we be coolioyooliyo, life in the studio

Shout out to the groupie ho we bout to shout a movie though

I came with the bitches but I left with even more

All these hoes say I'm perfect but I'm really not sure

From the ceiling to the floor, money carnivor

Puffing trees by the woods meet a ho by the shore

First she really like my shorts next she all up in my drawers

Take three, take four, yet she still be wanting more

[Yung King D]

I hope I never have to choose between the bitches and the juice

Swear this shit get me confused I don

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