Mirrors Songtext - Emma Louise

Mirrors - Emma Louise

Hair curled honey
Down to your backbone
Wake up sunny
Where did your clothes go?

Spider and web you sew
Sew him your words
And hands on crossed legs
You bend
Bend to be heard

But eyes off of my love
Claws on claws in water
And keep the skin under your dress
It's only yours to play with
And you know I'm not a fighter
So glue your arms to your side

You want love, love
You want love, love

And windows, foggy
Pressed in your lipstick
Legs up to your neck
Covered in plastic
And all you want is some loving
Sin on skin only skin

And dragons in my spine
Breathing words of fire
And fear on lips my guns are held
To the skin he felt and hands she held, oh

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