Revolution Songtext - Eric Clapton

Revolution - Eric Clapton

[Verse 1]
I told you once, I told you twice
You never listen to my advice
Good kind treatment, I'm threw with you
Won't get to heaven, I don't care what you do

I've seen you changing from day to day
Nothing ever gets in your way
Don't feel nothing for no one else
Take what you want, just help yourself

(Say you want to, say you want to)
Now you want a Revolution
(Want a revolution)
A revolution now
(Say you want to, say you want to)
Say you want to a revolution
(Want a revolution)
A revolution now

[Verse 2]
(Told you once) I told you twice
(Ya never listen) To my advice
(Now your out there) Your on your own
You've got no friends, you've got no home

(Getting mad)
I'm getting mad at you (Mad at you)
Just don't like the way you do
Don't know where you think you've been
But your going to wind up back there again


(Revolution, a Revolution now)
(Time has come) and it won't be long
For you to see where you come from
(You can't go back) Can't go back, can't stay the same
No one but yourself to blame


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