Stay Away Songtext - Falling In Reverse

Stay Away - Falling In Reverse

I've watched my life flash right before my eyes just one too many times
I've graced the devil's lips, her kiss of death but somehow I'm alive
I take another pill so I won't feel the pain
This mess I made, I celebrated on the day
I'm dying, can't get away
Show me the truth, I'm sick of the lies
Why must we pretend?
I'm repeating this over and over again

Stay away, this is your last warning
I am not the same
Please do not adore me
It's not your fault, what have I done?
Who can I trust?
I don't belong here
I'm dying
I lost my way again
Stay away from me

I've had this mindset that it's me against the world since I was born
Don't want your company, don't fuck with me, can't say I did not warn
I've got my back on the wall, there ain't no person to call
And get back up again
The only thing that I know, I do it on my own
That's always, how it's always been

Stay, stay, stay away
This is true, I'm telling you
Stay, stay, stay away
Don't misconstrue, I'm warning you---

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