Interuterine Dilemms Songtext - Fleshgore

Interuterine Dilemms - Fleshgore

[Lyrics by Fleshgore. Music by Igor.]

-It's our world.

We are living here for all times.

-You've made mistake. It is an error.
It's a prelude to our lives.
We're in membrane which covers us.
Opening is a door.

We are spirits with the substance.
Keeping from living is nonsense.

So we will be great creatures.
This damned place is only prison.
If we want to see a real nature,
We must go out for rising.

-We'll die.
Don't lie.
-Don't you fear?
-I'm bold
I know...
-Believe me, dear.
-...that death is there.
-Don't get a scare.
Believe that we'll live.

I will never let you change my mind.
But I know that I am always right.
You must to know that umbilical cord holds us.
But we'll be checked only by judging.

-Let's go out. We'll lose nothing.
I will go first. You'll follow me...
It is a pain! Please rescue me!
I can not survive.
I am dying but you're living.
I've got death and you've got life!

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