Waking Bliss Songtext - Flight Facilities

Waking Bliss - Flight Facilities

To do this in 2 minutes
Eternity in an hour
Promised impossible of course as all the patients describe it
They could only say it isn't, it isn't, it isn't, it isn't!
Trying to tell people what it is
When of course I don't know any of our friends that have taken it that haven't said this one thing in common:
"Well! I never knew anything like that in the whole of my life"
And one or two people have said to me
"I've said it to myself
That's what death is going to be like.
And oh what fun it will be"
Well I mean that there are the colours, the beauty, the designs
The beautiful waves, things appear
People themselves
There are people that I thought dull, appear fascinating, interesting, mysterious, wonderful
But that's only the beginning

Suddenly you notice that there aren't these seperations
That we're not on the seperate islands shouting across to somebody else trying to hear what they are saying and misunderstanding
You know, you used the word yourself: empathy
These things flowing underneath
We are parts of a single continent underneath the water
And with that goes such delight
The sober certainty of Waking Bliss

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