Freaky Deaky (feat. Trey Songz) Songtext - Flo Rida

Freaky Deaky (feat. Trey Songz) - Flo Rida

[Hook: Trey Songz]
Ass shakin at a quarter to two
And I'm feelin you're ready to, freak me, freak me
Bodies clappin applause
You can hear us in the bathroom cuttin up, freaky deaky
I got just what we need Hennessy and some weed
Light the candles up, freaky
You inspire me with ecstasy
Got me feelin so freaky deaky

[Flo Rida] + (Trey Songz)
Legs up on my shoulders if you want I'll bend you over
Climb on top of me it's over let you (ride me, ride me)
I'm teach you yoga let you meet my freaky solider
We might end up on the sofa doin the (nasty, nasty)
Girl if I give you that (tounge)
Lick you all over be makin you (cum)
You tell a friend now she gon' wanna (come)
That's how Flo Rida be havin 'em (sprung)
Screamin all way to the top of your (lungs)
Scratchin my back cause this dick is the bomb
Tappin that ass on that Don Peri(gnon)
You out of gas girl I'm not even (done)
I got your..


[Flo Rida] + (Trey Songz)
Sweatin down your body, c'mere girl I want your body
Promise I won't tell nobody if you (sex me, sex me)
Yeah I know you probably got a man but youse a hottie
Long legs like calamari look so (tasty, tasty)
I wanna get you so (wet)
Outta control when I kiss on your (neck)
Girl I'm a pro if you ready to (flex)
Any position I stroke it the (best)
Play wit that kitty up under your (dress)
Shorty I really know how to (caress)
Give you them hickies all over your (breasts)
Takin no pity get rid of your (stress)
I'll have your..


[Flo Rida] + (Trey Songz)
Fiendin for my thuggin, lots of rubbin, lots of touchin
Now ya hot just like a oven, girl you're (horny, horny)
Freaky deaky lovin, ecstasy before we cuttin
Leave ya navel like I'm grubbin if I (eat you, eat you)
I ain't just bumpin my (gums)
Girl it's whatever we on that (Patron)
Whole 'nother level, lil' mama (it's on)
Ohhh you like that (huhhhh~!)
Don't you fight back (uh-huhhhh)
Throw it right back or (some)
Layin that pipe just like a (plumber)
If you got it from your momma
Bet your..


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