Right Round - US Songtext - Flo Rida

Right Round - US - Flo Rida

[Hook: Flo Rida & Ke$ha]
You spin my head right round, right round
When you go down, when you go down down
(You spin my head right round, right round
When you go down, when you go down down)

[Verse 1: Flo Rida]
Hey, rock out of the house with my swagger
Hop in, there we go, I got places to go
People to see, time is precious
I look at my Cartier, they outta control
Just like my mind where I'm goin
No women, no shorties, no nothin but clothes
No stoppin now, my Pirellis on roll
I like my jewelry that's always on gold
I know the storm is comin
My pockets keep tellin me it's gonna shower
Call up my homies that's home
Then pop in the night cause it's meant to be ours
We keep a fadeaway shot
Cause we be ballin, it's platinum Patron that be ours
Lil mama, I owe you just like the flowers
Girl you the truth with all of that goody power cause


[Bridge: Flo Rida x2]
From the top of the pole I watch her go down
She got me throwing my money around
Ain't nothing more beautiful to be found
...it's going down down!

[Verse 2: Flo Rida]
Heeeey! Shawty must know I'm the man
My money love her like a number one fan
Don't open my mouth, let her talk to my bands
My Benjamin Frank-a-lans
A couple of grands, I got rubberbands
My paper planes making her dance
Get dirty all night, that's part of my plan
We building castles that's made out of sand
She's amazing, her fire blazing
Hotter than cajun; girl won't you move a lil' closer?
Time to get paid, it's maximum wage
That body belongs on a poster
I'm in a daze, that bottom is waving at me, like dammit I know ya
Doing a show like a gun out of holster
Tell me whatever then I'll be your chauffeur cause...


[Bridge x2]

[Verse 3: Flo Rida]
Yeeeah! I'm spending my money
I'm outta control
Somebody help me
She's taking my bank roll
But I'm king of the club
And I'm wearing the crown
Popping these bottles, touching these models
Watching they asses go
Down down down


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