Hurricane Drunk - Horrors Remix Songtext - Florence + The Machine

Hurricane Drunk - Horrors Remix - Florence + The Machine

[Verse 1]No walls
Can keep me protected
No sleepNothing in between me and the rain
And you can't save me now
I'm in the grip of a hurricane
I'm going to blow myself away
[Chorus]I'm going out
I'm going to drink myself to deathAnd in the crowd
I see you with someone else
I brace myself
Because I know it's going to hurtBut I like to think at least things can't get any worse
[Verse 2]No home
I don't want shelter
No calmNothing to keep me from the storm
And you can't hold me down
Because I belong to the hurricane
It's going to blow us all away
[Verse 3]I hope that you see me
Because I'm staring at you
But when you look over
You look right through
Then you lean and kiss her on the head
And I never felt so alive, and so dead
I'm going out [x5]

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