Sleepless Songtext - Flume

Sleepless - Flume

My rhymes so unspeakable
My dreams so unreachable
Give it a purpose, cuz life itself isn't meaningful
Now thats the truth, Im speaking for the youth
Thats aiming for the top but falling from the roof
Here we, here we go again, with my paper and my pen
Summer 2012 its the year of the end, or is it?
Exquisite lyrics, you hear it or do you fear it
Jammin' in my car, smelling like teen spirit
I see a star falling form the sky, should I catch it
I wanna die in my car, should I wreck it
This drug makes you hooked once, should I test it
Yes no maybe so, now its time for me to grow
Outside of my flow, Do I ever get to know
What my real passion is, why am I so imaginative
Adverb, pronoun, noun, verb, adjective
Mouth running, talking shit, cool it with the laxatives
But its time, to recognize Armageddon's signs
Start lootin' stores, kill whoever, I don't mind
If you see me, don't bro me if you don't know me
That goes to you, you, you and all my homeys
Cuz nobody knows me, and nobody told me
How to write poetry, this fucking world owes me
Everything i've ever wanted, fuck you and fuck your life
Fuck you everyday, fuck you every night
Look at all the fucks I give I should start a charity
Bitches thinking they in love, bitches starting to scare me
Only love is family, and my lost dog charlie
If you've seen a white english bull dog call me
All I want out of this world is a changed world
All I want is a metaphysical dream girl
To smoke DMT and weed starting at the universe
Trying to figure out how, nothingness is giving birth
To all of reality, if space had gravity
Would we fall forever or will hit the ground
I wanna step outside the Universe and see whats all around
Cuz I don't believe in anything, not even myself
Only way to wake up from the dream is through death
But I keep my sanity, or whatever's left
Cuz I gotta keep striving, opposite of thriving
Gotta stay alive and, always keep trying

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