Eyes Above Songtext - Flying Lotus

Eyes Above - Flying Lotus

[Produced by Flying Lotus]

[Verse: Kendrick Lamar]
Thuggin' on other planets, pluckin' my black antennas
Listenin' for freelancers that bitted my style in famish
I don't allow the cameras, I don't allow the managers
I just break down the answers and hope humanity handles it
This is no radio fluke, this is me takin' your food
This is you bullied to school, give up your jacket and shoes
This how I practice the rules, this is what happen when dudes
Like Flying Lotus notice the genius they wrote it is rude
You should promote it, I diagnosed it with viruses through
Microphone's hopin' the plug is runnin' inside of Pro Tools
How can I dodge you buffoons?
I could collide a kaleidoscope with the stars and the moon
The moment I morph in my mood
These are the gorgeous'd of tunes
Police reported then tried to sort it with criminal views
This is intentional fuel
For the fireball dragon, fire shots where you wrastlin'
AK over the dash and now vacate with the Jurassics
The jungle, the wicked masses, the saber-tooth eighty proof
On my breath, this the look of death, this ain't auntie's Mercedes Coupe, yes

Buffalo soldiers at war, you shot fast, but that ain't the final score
Buffalo soldiers at war, you shot fast, but that ain't the final score

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