Can't Make This Up Songtext - Future

Can't Make This Up - Future

Lets go
I can't make this up
(I ain't gotta write this shit down.. fuck what they talkin bout)
Because I can't make this up

[Verse 1]
When you getting money they say you joined the illuminati
Only time they talkin.. when u getting money
When you run the city bad bitches come runnin
Now they get to be in ya presence, they coming
I can fuck a bad bitch poor bitch real split
I was commin over old head like slick rick
Nothin rapper, this some OG kurt wood shit
(whatcha got on your plate future?) Fish and Grits!
Take a pic Snap a flick kiss my kicks they pay attention
Must they finally realize you in the murkin mix
You gone pull in line or we gone spit that venom
I'm thinkin 10 steps ahead I want my own denim
We were goin in them stackin every penny
Stretching every nickel over the same strippers
I gave it to you straight up, right down the center
We don't like rappin this car is foreign right down the center

I'm kickin real street talk (I can't make this up)
Imma mofukin boss (I can't make this up)
You ain't no extraordinary (I can't make this up)
Me and money got married (I can't make this up!)
Do it playa do tha shit (I can't make this up)
I seen u niggas back in '06 (I can't make this up)
Turn a club into a crib (I can't make this up)
Bought a ticket in a club (I can't make this up!)

[Verse 2]
I get this big without tryin
I'm matchin by mistake I want that yaht I'm on my grind
I learn from my mistakes
You want it daddy go and get it
Don't never hesitate
I'm burnin hotter than some lava and I ain't takin off a day
They on my traillll
Like they tryin to build a case
These rappers worser than them few
They watch you spendin cake
They want ya style
And they often imitate
I set the trend
And I watch them duplicate it
I'm satisfied with none of this money I'm getting hungry
I'm breakin bread with a team young nigga we hit Columbia
Salute the troops we in them coupes like caprices
Old school player ridin in a foreign feature
Change em up like rentals yeah we change em up like rentals
Ridin like the president.. I'm presidential
Blowin green like ya thought I would
It's simple
I'm coming straight up out my temple


[Verse 3]
We take the cash and ya lost your red and white
The army switched for the rest of their life
Yes I do.. till death do you part
365 yay they go hard
And we go home
Crib so big look like the Georgia dome
I'm rollin like a rollin stone, they do nothin
I pick the streets where I belong
What time were we supposed to be
Maybe its the dro in me
My girl got a girlfriend
Look like she come from overseas
Ain't nothing like these other niggas
I took the chicken out the bill with her
Shit I done still in her its still in em
Who introduced you, to jimmy and tory
Change the color of the bottom of your shoe ya walkin foreign
Gotcha nigga vip
That's very important
I done freestyled
More than you lil niggas recorded


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