Plastic Dreams (feat. Johanna Fay) Songtext - G-Eazy

Plastic Dreams (feat. Johanna Fay) - G-Eazy

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]Fell asleep in a freshman class, woke up on a tour busSomehow, someway, all my test questions passedAnd I didn't even take shortcutsMan, life is but a dream, "is this shit real"So trill, yeah I'm rollin' at night, I can't sit stillFive mixtapes can't change up my social statusAnd my balance, but a Top 40 hit willShit, I know they see me, don't question themDreams of being on TV, no RequiemI just want to live this dream, will it be what I imaginedBut nothing tops making a living off your passionSo either way I'm chasing after something I ain't never hadWoke up today feeling hungry as I ever haveAnd I don't usually ever brag
But these dreams aren't far anymore, you can tell them that
[Hook: Johanna Fay]These plastic dreams of TV screens and radios
Pretending everything is what it seems
These plastic dreams are all I know
Would someone wake me up from all these plastic dreams
[Verse 2: G-Eazy]I never love bitches, I love money and my cityLove my whole team, 'bout to bring them all with meI'm headed to the top of this, I'm taking 'bout the tippyHittin' parties with a couple A-list, gettin' trippy
Feeling myself and I ain't even did shit yetCause rap is 'bout to feed me out paper like an InkjetWhen I see these girls in the crowds sing my words all loud
I be tryin' see how many I can get wetSnatch them like a fishnet, game so viscousMe and Skizzy Mars and like 38 bitches
It's all I could do so I'mma bag two yoAs long as I don't ever smash 'em raw, no JunoListen, I just made my own lane and these rappers went piranha on me
Biting off everything, my style and my personaHomie, I just keep dreaming of the day I bang RihannaThey say "I'm a dreamer", I say "wait until ma

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