Tempted Songtext - Giorgio Moroder

Tempted - Giorgio Moroder

[Verse 1]
Hands to yourself
Undo your leather belt, you wear me out so well
Get a prize on the shelf, and polka dot pastels
Oh won't you kiss and tell me

Will you burn for me? Burn for me? Momma turn for me?
I see my name in your lights
Burn for me? Burn for me?
Don't make me hurt like hell for your heaven tonight

(Oh, I'm) Tempted! And hungry for you
To let your heart dance on my avenues
(Oh, I'm) Tempted! It's physically cruel
Watching you angels put on your red dancing shoes
I'm tempted!
I'm tempted!

[Verse 2]
Oh her blank birthday check
Made out to Mr. Jones, I want your hearts on loan
And with your [?] lost in [?]
Until your naked bones, I see your evil clones, and

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus x2]

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