Wyrd Songtext - Glass Animals

Wyrd - Glass Animals

Twee vole go dig your hole
Squish squirmies in your nose
Tree hairs in your eyes
You smile so super quiet

Free air you sip on
A cave edge a black bowl
Breathe in deep and slow
As your own splash echoes

You can't run so you must hide
You won't make it back this time
I sold your rope for a bucket
Of lemon peel, now suck it

So my friend our time is done
You and I could've had so much
With ropes for the bucket
Of luscious black gold nuggets yeea

Oh vole where did you go
Dim lanterns held by groans
Of beasties sad and tired
Lost in the muck and

It's all dank and gross
Slugs on shrooms bubble smoke
Through pipes and mondo rolls
Their fuzzy warbles drone

Don't go

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