Take It Easy Songtext - Gucci Mane

Take It Easy - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Let’s go, did you know a killa stay right next door
Presto, Imma put a half one on his next four
A black nigga drive in a phantom, just pulled up to Saks though
My necklace shine so bright, they see my ice through tinted window
Dropped a bean, you think that I just kidnapped Kimbo
They let me through the side door, cause I brought that extendo
GuWop and Young Thugga bitch the crowd going digital
Your girl just licked this molly out the paper like an nympho
Baby fine, I'm attracted to her physical
The way she suck me, make me wanna buy her furniture
I just might upgrade and put some diamonds in her pistol
And business in her name so I can cover up these intervals

[Pre Hook: Gucci Mane]
I pour some drank out for my dead homies
Cause I don’t drink liquor
All I drink is purple codeine
She thicker than a snicker
You know thats my tender roni
I make you stick yourself
Like Tony I’m the macaroni

[Hook: Gucci Mane x4]
Take it easy
You Jesus Pieces make her say I’m teasing

[Verse 2: ILoveMakonnen]
Like they can take a chill pill, my new deal worth like 10 mill
Young nigga I'm forreal, shouts out to that boy Mike Will
Want a [?] make it happen, god damn Makonnen be snackin'
Rappin' in that kitchen mutha fuck, super chef what happen
Macaroni with that Tony, young boy out to make the cash
Bitches talking shit I hit 'em with that pizza on they ass
Young timberland, goddammit what the hell you doin'
Hit Miami and I change the weather it start snowing

[Pre Hook + Hook] (x2)

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