Coming Clean Songtext - Gym Class Heroes

Coming Clean - Gym Class Heroes

Listen babe I think it's time for me to come clean
I mean I haven't been the most faithful
And I don't no how else to say this plain and simple
I've been cheatin' believe me this isn't easy
Especially since you've been so good to me
The hardest thing I've ever done is tellin' you that
Your not the only one. just understand that usually (?)
Man out of ignorance and like a boy I toyed with innocence
This double life is not worth livin' I've given more to her
And I apologize

It's all part of the game, its just the same old
Thing just a different name
You can try and drown the pain but we both swim too well
To submerge ourselves and I'm tired of the shame of being
A fool to cool to maintain 2 dames
And all I need is time please forgive me darlin' the blames all mine

When I come home to you with open arms,
Insist on pressin' on my overcoat the alcohol is still cigarette smoke
I now you've been, skeptical I play it off like your delusional
The fact is I'm losin' you and I'm scared she doesn't want me
The way I needed her to no, s
He doesn't want me the way I need her to
I'm pleadin' with the judge on my knees
God please just make these charges go away


Girl I promise ill do my best to impress the jury cos
When the smoke settles and one of us falls to the dirt
It was worth all of the hurt and if not lets cut our losses
'Cause you crossed the line thinkin' Id choose you over music
That's just stupid, this whole situation's bogus
Especially since I'm so focused from beginning to the end
And we in with these friends
Unfortunately this is hopeless
Did my best to juggle both of you
Strugglin' but I'm still here holdin' you
Tie the man up, stand up put your hands up if
You understand what I'm goin' through


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