S.T.A.Y. Songtext - Hans Zimmer

S.T.A.Y. - Hans Zimmer

7:00: It's on!
7:01: AC/DC kicks off the Grammys as the opening act
7:04: AC/DC on their 2nd song. Crowd's wavin the red lights
7:08: Lady Gaga's in the crowd from Tony Bennett, likely smilin about winning a Grammy during the preshow
7:09: T. Swizzle's comin out to present Best New Artist
7:11: Sam Smith won Best New Artist. What a surprise
7:11: 49 minutes until Better Call Saul premieres
7:16: Anna Kendrick announces Ariana Grande performance
7:20: Jessie J and Tom Jones on to present and perform
7:20: Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil win Trustee Award
7:27: Pharrell Williams wins Best Solo Pop Performance for "Happy"
7:27: Coming up: Performances by Miranda Lambert, Madonna & Kanye West
7:33: Miranda Lambert performs "Little Red Wagon"
7:36: Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees win a lifetime achievement award
7:36: Pentatonix picked up a GRAMMY earlier today for Best Arrangement (Daft Punk)
7:38: Best Pop Vocal Album goes to Sam Smith!
7:44: Kanye West performs "Only One"
7:48: Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj present Madonna
7:49: Madonna performs "Living for Love"
7:53: Josh Dummel, Malcolm Butler, and Julian Edelman present the Best Rock Album
7:55: Best Rock Album goes to Beck's Morning Phase
8:02: Nile Rodgers and Smokey Robinson present a George Harrison Lifetime Achievement Award and the nominees for Best RnB performance
8:04: Best RnB Performance goes to Beyonce "Drunk in Love"
8:05: James Cordan presents Ed Sheeran
8:06: Ed Sheeran performs "Thinking Out Loud"
8:10: ELO performs "Evil Woman"
8:12: ELO and Ed Sheeran perform "Mr. Blue Sky"
8:14: Ryan Seacrest presents Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani
8:15: Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani perform "My Heart is Open"
8:25: Martin Badnier wins President award #orsomething
8:25: Hozier performs "Take Me To Church"
8:31: Nick Jonas and Megan Trainor present Best Country Album
8:31: Best Country Albums goes to Mirana Lambert Platinum
8:34: The Weeknd presents Pharrell and Hans Zimmer
8:34: Pharrell performs "Happy"
8:44: Barack Obama speaks on domestic violence
8:45: Spoken word piece on domestic violence
8:47: Katy Perry performs "By the Grace of God"
8:53: Imagine Dragons perform "Shots"
8:58: Katharine McPhee presents Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
8:58: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform
9:02: George Wein wins Trustee Award
9:03: Usher performs Stevie Wonder's "If It's Magic"
9:10: Left swipe dat
9:13: Keith Urban presents Eric Church
9:14: Eric Church performs "Give Me Back My Hometown"
9:17: Brandy Clark performs "Hold My Hand"
9:21: Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney perform "FourFiveSeconds"
9:30: Taylor Swift presents Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige
9:31: Sam Smith performs "Stay With Me" with Mary J. Blige
9:34: Gina Rodriguez presents Juanes
9:35: Juanes performs "Junto (Together)"
9:39: The artist formerly known as Prince presents Album of the Year
9:40: Album of the Year goes to Beck's Morning Phase
9:48: Shia LeBeouf presents Sia
9:49: Sia performs "Chandelier"
9:53: Enrique Iglesias presents Song of the Year
9:54: Song of the Year goes to "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith
10:01: Dave Grohl thanks Dave Letterman and presents Chris Martin and Beck
10:02: Beck and Chris Martin perform "Heart is a Drum"
10:06: Jamie Foxx and Stevie Wonder present Record of the Year
10:08: Record of the Year goes to Sam Smith's "Stay With Me"
10:15: Grammy Artist Alliance
10:18: In Memorium
10:28: Beyonce performs "Take My Hand, Precious Lord"
10:32: John Legend performs "Glory" with Common

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