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Off Tha Wall - Haystak

Ladies and gentlemen we dont normally tolerate no whole lot of rift raft round here at The Thirsty Turttle located at 1901 Gainsville rd Loudon,Tenessee.But tonight...tonight were gonna make an acception for a local boy who has done big things.I want erbody to put yer hands together,big Thirsy Turttle welcome for Haystak McMillion.

Uh..Fire in da hole fuk urself
Blew da whole house up cookin meth
Wer we at boy shulda hookd a left
Now we ridin through da suburbs scared ta death
Cause I aint got no business bein ovr here
Police behind me wit a open beer
Blu lights in da rear view mirror
I know yall aint from round here
Down deep off in dat dirty man
Good people do dirty thangs
Hard to be clean in a dirty game
So u do u an i'll do da same
Gainst da grain
Way I came
Whole lot a good people did da same
Mouths ta ta raise
Sum a yall aint got sh*t ta say
But i'll flip da flava,snap one day
An i'll hola at yall lik wat u say bra
Twelve a stress i got dressed
Came to da thang to drank some dranks
Think i might end up in a argument
Smack dab in da middle of a incident
But wen ol'boy got up off his a*s again
He look lik jus ben in accident.

Lil sumthin i wrote wen i was off da
All yall...holes in da wall
They all... fuk the law
Grab a broad
Fill ur cup wit alcohol

Ham bone,ham bone wer u ben
Around da blok and piggybak again
Crops aint ready ta...cut yet
Fuk dat we gonna drop em cut said
Put it on da market,hot sh*t
If u aint got it cop it
I spit...ridiculously
Aint no other rappers is fukin wit me
Hey little big words
Big nouns
Big verbs
Big adjectives
Bit*h get it how u liv
Talk sh*t till i find ur crib
Hide da kids
All is fair in love and war
Mothafukers dont giv a fuk no more
My baby dont stay at 1304
Think i aint got tha mac11 no more
But com on in
But wen u com in da den
Im puttin 1 in ur chin
Then 1 in ur friend
And wen tha mothafukers finally let me outa da pin
I bet u bit*hes nevr evr try to get me again.


Two things i learned since i started
Two kinds of work good and garbage
Two kinds of coke
The kind u shoot
And the kind u smoke
The kind that dissolves
And the kind that float
But it all comes in on banana boats no it dont
Gets hot in the jungle goats and mules
U payin for the dope,the boat,the fuel
The disstance between the connectin u
And if u liv up north the best thang to do
Com down somthin out
Go bak home and start frontin em out
Cash clients get a nice surprise
But watch da mothafukers cause they might be vice
Get up in da mornin... go to work
Try to look as though u dont do dirt
Stay low-pro and u wont get hurt
Keep thinkin they tappin
And u wont get workd
U aint gotta wear diamonds all da time
Da*n dogg u aint Busta Rhymes
That shinin dont mak any sense
U idiot
U aint legitimate
U had half a time before drug and diapers
Runnin round here lik u outa ur mind
Sombody gonna drop dime
Jus a matter of time
Watch wat i tell ya


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