Sail On Songtext - Haystak

Sail On - Haystak

All the way up to the ohsix.
When you least expect it.
But if you love them, and they love
you the same way, believe they got
they're eyes on you right now.

Sail on across the sky I see you on
the other side you helped me so
much, I'm much obliged I never got
to thank you.
Sail on across the sky I soldier up and
dry my eyes I wish that I had got to
hold you, but I'm just glad that I got
to know you.
G hit me on the nextel chirp and he
told me "big homie don't repeat
these words but I just heard this
'bout the B-I-G and I can't get ahold
of Jelly."
I'm the one that made them phone
calls dreaden' havin' tah talk to my
roll dog.
I'm the one that went and beat on his
front door.
The look on my face kinda described
what I came for.
Tried to keep him focused when he
was ready to go to war.
But then again, ain't that what friends
are really for?
Biggie, I know we never was that
close, but I can't describe the impact
it had on roll.
I did a show with lil' dude just the
other night, he made everybody in
that bitch be quiet and have a
moment of silence like real G's do.
Lighters up, in memory of you big

I can still see us at the red light,
Customized whips with the headlights
Boxes bangin' them old gangsta
songs, everybody tryin' tah figure out
what went wrong.
I done seen every one of my people
Been there when my homeboy was
'bout to go berserk.
Been that dude, myself.
I done carried the casket, had to look
at my homeboy after he got blasted.
Nothin's guaranteed, take advantage
of today, 'cause you never know when
your life will be taken away.
And when I go, just let me slide
across the sky.
Because you gotta know, baby, even
bosses die.
Just imagine me on streets of gold,
ridin' chrome.
Think of it like this: daddy called me
I ain't gone, I'm right here you just
can't see me.
But we can still talk, why you think I
made them CD's?
I'm as free as a bird, now.
And this bird you cannot change.
Who'd have thought you'd see me in
Prob'ly thought I'd see you in ICU.
You can't see me, but I see you.
Wish you could hear me sayin' "Baby,
just be cool."
I know it's gon' be hard without me
You can make it, baby, just hold me
I'm on the other side, where it's all
Don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for
my pall bearer.
It's gon' take a dozen people just to
tote your homie to the hole.
Quit all that cryin' and holdin' on, go
on let me go.
This ain't the first time we done been
through this together.
I know you didn't think I'll be here
Tomorrow's not promised, I took
advantage of the moment.
I never was happy here, yeah, and
you know this.
I was discontent like an instrument
that had no one to play it, you know
what I'm sayin'

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