Empires Songtext - Hillsong United

Empires - Hillsong United

We are worlds we are bodies
Empires of dirt and grace
Silhouettes and reflections
Caught in his holy flame

Beneath our skin
A new creation
The night is done
Our chains are broken
Our time has come
The wait is over
The King is here
And his name is Jesus

This is love and it's God's to heal the broken
This is love bleeding life into the grave
Hear the sound as our hearts cry out forever
Singing hallelujah
Breathing in a brand new world, oh

We are shadows and portraits
Empires of life and clay
Images of our maker
Sinners called out as saints


No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind conceived
What heaven holds
But here and now
Let earth be found
With all our crowns upon your name

[Long instrumental break]


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