The Thirst Pt. 5 Songtext - Hilltop Hoods

The Thirst Pt. 5 - Hilltop Hoods

We stayed away much longer than explained that we would
To be honest it was a spate of delays for the Hoods
I guess a promise is made to be made, not made to be kept
The way it weighed all these days, hey I'm blessed
And I'm honoured, and I guess I wanted things a little too quickly
Cause the last two years felt a little like fifty
In the middle I sip, they sit above the free[?]
Cause pressure causes suffering, was holding in debris[?]
Hilltop, we back from the sabbatical, you miss us?
My briefcase is a suitcase, travel's my business
Said we'd be back last year, life got in the way of that
But that's life, we play it out, somehow get on and play it back
We made it out, then we made it back
We take them out, we still in the world like Kerouac
I've been having them panic attacks while I'm having a nap (Look)
The one thing that I know about losing
Is that I don't know one thing about losing
Man we're back...

[Hook: Aaradhna]
We arrive in the night
We come alive in the night
Strip the sky of its colour, we’ll run the expanse in the absence of light
Walking under stars, we breath the night
Walking under stars, we reignite
Come alive in the night

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