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Through The Dark - Hilltop Hoods


[Verse 1: Pressure]
The very day you were born, your light shone bold in the dark
The doctor said you had a hole in your heart
I just knew that you were making room for a whole lotta heart
And loved you from that day until your soul would depart
You took your first breath upon my chest
I built you a good nest before I left
It wasn't that I never loved your mother
But two happy homes are better than one that suffered
Every regret in this life that I made
Have been tempered by the strength in your eyes everyday
I know that you never said that you'd like me to stay
Still I'm sorry I neglected you while I was away
You were eight when we headed to casualty
And no child should face their death or mortality
You taught me patience, strength and morality
And I'd burdened this weight instead of you happily
That night, you asked if you'd die from your sickness
And why had it chosen your life out of millions
You filled me with the pride I was missing
Cause grown men cry, that lack your type of resilience
Only when it's dark that the stars are bright
For your fight, you gon' harbour these scars for life
But you're a brave little soul, came in the cold
Like a fighter, hope you find the same flame when you're old

[Hook: Pressure]
Fall asleep and lay with me
We'll search the night for shooting stars
If they can't take away your pain
I'll take your hand, walk through the dark
The dark
The dark

[Verse 2: Pressure]
I wrote this while you slept in a hospital bed
Know this, your breath at the cost of my breath
I'd forgo this life, that you'd go on in my death
If you'd know what its like to live long and regret
So you could fight, you could shove, you could bleed and hurt
You could cry, you could love, and your creed will work [?]
When your strides act dumb and you teethe your words
It'll take a wife to become your sky, sea and earth
But if these are things that you never see
With no god, just me, it'll set you free
And most others won't understand the hell in which you've been in
Til' they wrestle with the demon
But take heart to be brave, but first we fear
The same heart, the same pain, you persevere, will serve you
I know this world is of course unfair, and hurt you
But these virtues are yours to bear
I named you lionhearted the day you were born
They say the night is darkest before the dawn
I'll take your hand upon this path
If you can light a spark, then we can find some calm in a raging storm
Ain't nothing left to scare you see
So we can live life and cherish every breath we breathe
And no matter where you go, know we'll never leave
Cos' even when we're gone, we're living in a memory
So live on, live on

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Pressure]
And I'm sorry that I can't take your pain, or answer why
I lay awake through darker skies
I say your name, you cast a light
Like a flame on a starless night
And I, didn't know what was lost 'til you found me
Didn't know what was locked in, without keys
But we can walk across all these boundaries
You and me, nothing here to stop you, you're now free
So I wrote this to give you hope
For every good thing in life you live to know
They say cancer survivors are gifted though
Let me know if that isn't so

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