Comin’ In Hot Songtext - Hollywood Undead

Comin’ In Hot - Hollywood Undead

If you got jack in your cup
Go raise it up, go raise it, go raise it up
If you ain’t got enough
Go fill it up, go fill it up, go fill it up

[Hook: Danny]
I'm gonna chase this whiskey with Patrón
I wanna girl on my lap and a jägerbomb;
I'm comin' in hot, you heard me
And I'mma make it rain on the girl who serves me
I drink a fifth of vodka till it’s gone
And if it feels so good then it can't be wrong
I'm comin' in hot, you heard me
And we be taking shots and if not you nerdy

[Verse 1: Charlie Scene]
We only leave a pre-party to go party some more
I'm already shit faced before I walk in the door
This girl's rubbin on my leg, I never met her before
And now she’s making her way down to my gentleman sword

Might be the drugs talking or the shots of patron
But these bitches look like models and they're ready to bone
I'll take 'em back to my parents’ house, we'll be home alone
Slapin chicks and have 'em yelling like Macaulay Culkin

She's tearing it up
Yeah she’s dancing her ass off
This girls like a Mac the way she’s riding my laptop
I’m trying to get my rocks off so don’t try to cockblock
I’ll grab my sawed off and I’ll blow your cock off

You know we drink so much
We getting drunk for weeks
We drink so much goose
We turning into geese
Me and my crew flap a V through VIP
These bitches play my skin flute like they’re Kenny G


[Bridge: Charlie Scene]
If you got Jack in your cup, go raise it up
If you ain’t got enough, go fill it up
If you had too much, don’t throw it up
And if you ain’t got shit, throw your hands up

[Verse 2]
[Funny Man]
Get gone with it, there's nothin' wrong with it
Take shots, don't stop, sing along with it
I wanna feel you bounce, girl go up and down
Take shots, won't stop till I'm passin' out

[Charlie Scene]
Girl get down, you can have more
And you can shake your hips around on my man sword
You're gonna have to rock this house, I'm your landlord
So let your sweat drip down on the dance floor

[Funny Man]
I ain't try to go home with, nolla nolla
We can hit the dance floor when you, wanna wanna
Girl you know you're feelin' me so, holla holla
Cause everyone compared to me is, nada nada

[Charlie Scene]
Okay dawg, this has gone on for way long
Can't quit my day job till I'm played on K-Rock
It's chaos! I'm in the club with my shades on
And I'm about to smack that like I'm Akon

[Hook] + [Bridge (x2)] (x2)

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