Casanova (feat. Skizzy Mars & G Eazy) Songtext - Hoodie Allen

Casanova (feat. Skizzy Mars & G Eazy) - Hoodie Allen

[Hook x2: Hoodie Allen]
You give me some bad advice
I hate when you ask me over
You drunk off a glass of wine
No wonder I'm acting sober
So cut me out of your life
And leave me like class is over
But when the day goes, and the night comes
I'll still be your Casanova

[Verse 1: Skizzy Mars]
Well we sippin' tonight
I swear if you getting reckless then I'm dippin' tonight
Livin' the life
Real cold, drippin' in ice
Sick of the fights
Up and down, left to right
It's Myles with a 'y'
Now they gettin' it right (right)
So let me know why I gotta let you go
Why we always breakin' up
Why I ever left you fo'
You might leave but I know you can't shut the do'
Cause when love is pain we just love it mo'
The chaos and stress is what we covet fo'
Debatin' and going through our Phases, uh
Dumb and young, livin' life with no patience
Volatile conversations
We break up next, and make-up sex, I hate my ex
You tell your friends
Will it ever end?
We know we shouldn't
But we just do it all again, again

[Verse 2: Hoodie Allen]
Uh, these are days of our lives
Only thing I really care 'bout: stayin' alive
Treatin' the hotel like Les Miserables
Knockin' on the door like "is there a part-ay?"
With no authority, we young and we starvin'
Probably should've bought an apartment
Cause when it gets started
I beginning to feel like an artist
Women showing me love like I was born in the Heartland
30 bitches piled in and we so deep
20 women on the couch and they on me
10 hoes tryna figure where my rank goes
Looking in my bedroom and takin' my mementos
Oh, and I don't ever need it
I got the best broad, you can call me an elitist
And you be runnin' up, you can call that an achievement
I be plantin' all these seeds so you can call me when I'm leaving awwwww

[Verse 3: G-Eazy]
Yea, G, Okay, guess it's my turn
Bitches speculate on money I earn
But they don't see nada it's not their concern
I just let them partake in the mary I burn
Yeah, 10 girls all around me
A couple of us split a brownie
One brought a whiskey bottle, tryna drown me
I'm tryna take her to the other room for round three
After parties at my hotel every night
I swear it feels like groundhog day
She thinks my lifestyle is hella tight
I'm like, yeah that's what they all say
So let the song play and think of me when I'm gone
I know that I'm wrong
But you can leave the light on
Until next time, I'll see you and your entourage
When you need a Casanova, then I'll oblige


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