Long Night (feat. Chance the Rapper) Songtext - Hoodie Allen

Long Night (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Hoodie Allen

[Hoodie: spoken]
Hi, can I talk to Teresa?
Oh, this is her mom?
Oh, you Mother Teresa?
Aw, I like that

[Bridge: Hoodie]
Don't you tell me that it's all right
Because I'm anticipating a long night

[Verse 1: Hoodie]
I've been up so damn early that I'm sleepwalkin'
Now my eyes are looking like Macaulay Culkin's
Watch me roll around the city like I'm Steve Hawkins
These bitches Waka flock to us when we walk in
They wanna act like it's a big deal, Ron Burgundy
I'm underground but I'm poppin' up commercially
I keep it buzzing like I'm a motherfuckin' worker bee
So I'mma need a couple Gs if you want a verse with me
So let me take your pay check
Now you gotta find another way to pay rent
Your life sucks like the Ravens
You ain't been on a date yet
I take your girl to dinner
Then go home and have some great sex
Yeah, this gon' be a long night
I guarantee it, we probably gon' see the sunlight
Before our eyes wide shut I'mma make a couple bucks
And a couple hundred drinks, we about to turn it up, like...

[Hook: Hoodie]
Don't you tell me that it's all right
Because I'm anticipating a long night
Ooh, woah
Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub
And when I wake up everything will be alright, alright

[Verse 2: Hoodie]
Yeah, I keep on running 'til I'm red up in the face
Had a party at the crib, everyone was hella grate-ful
Wait a minute, got a bedroom full of strangers
I ain't talking Danny Granger, but I'm running out of Pacers
I mean patience, nah, nothing can phase us
I know you say your name but, my mind was on vacation
Can't track that down, too many chasers
I can't pack that crowd, too many lame-sters
So let's just kick it in the back of my apartment
Or at Madison Square Garden, we could go and watch the Rangers
Central Park where we could go until it's dark
And when somebody try to stalk you I just keep you out of danger
So come to the crib just hop in Benz first
I'm after the cat, but I don't mean Chesire
Uh, shout out to Pat, he look like a Hemsworth
I'm kickin' it with Chance so baby don't say the N-word, shwoop!

[Hook: Hoodie]

[Spoken: Chance]
Chance? The rapper? Igh!

[Verse 3: Chance The Rapper]
Ashin Ls in a hotel sink
Management swears that the hotel stink
Whole time I'm yellin hold up a minute while the doorbell rings
When old coke glistening on my nose earring
And niggas just tryna function 'til a nigga can't function
And the weed so pungent that I probably won't punch it
And imported in punches and they actin' inpugnant
With a rock and a pin and they say pin I'm actin' 100
And I turn up turn up turn up
Get high burn up burn up burn up
I'm fucked up and she's fucked up and
We not gon' remember tonight so
Let's fuck in a Wendy's bathroom
Get frosty, forget the Sprite

[Hook: Hoodie]

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