Small Town Songtext - Hoodie Allen

Small Town - Hoodie Allen

She in the city, but
She from a small town
High heels, tall shots
Make her fall down
Up late, now she running with the fast crowd
But she calls me every night before she pass out

I don't wanna waste my time with
Girls who rolling they eyelids
Girls who lookin' for a place to stay
'Cause they came away from Long Island
I'ma try to make your mind up
I just wanna make you mine quick
But ever since I put you in my line-up
All I do is choke: Heimlich

Good girl in a bad dress
Ain't nothing really changed but your address
You in the Upper West Side
You were thinking other people
Would've never accepted all your assets?
I'm and you cash par
I'ma give you anything that you ask for
You a small town girl but you living in the city
So you always keep your heart near your passport

I don't know what's next for us
But every time I talk it's like I messed it up
People wanna tell me that I'm too honest
Walking on eggshells, two omelettes
And I know it's hard cause you left your town
Dad don't call like he let you down
You don't wanna talk when the sun is out
But if we get a little drunk, then it's all allowed
And the truth comes down, it's pouring pouring
Bout to drop bombs like Warren, Moon
Color of your skin be orange, orange
Aren't you the girl that I met last June?
So damn fun man, where the sheet go?
On vacation: Puerto Rico
Grand Theft Auto in your heart like Niko
Trying to meet your mother like I'm Jason Segel

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