Need You Now Songtext - Hot Chip

Need You Now - Hot Chip

[Chorus] (x2)
I need you now, need you now
Say it loud, I need you now

[Verse 1]
Tired of being myself
Caught up in this world
I never dreamed I could belong
To a state that don't see right from wrong
I never dreamed I would belong
To your place

[Chorus] (x2)


[Verse 2]
Tied up in disgrace
How can we keep a man so long
Waiting for a fate
Stripped of all our hearts
Never dreamed we would belong
In a world, a world that's just gone wrong

And if we try to stand alone
We'll be playing with a force beyond control
Our faces pressed against the glass
In the knowledge you belong to us

[Chorus] (x2)

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